Scholl Expert Care Nourish Pedimask Aloe Vera

Get soft and smooth feet in just one application. Scholl Nourish PediMask with a touch of Aloe Vera provides intense hydration for dry skin.

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The experts at Scholl bring you a mask designed specifically to moisturise the dry skin on your feet:


·         20 minute treatment: just put on the foot mask and let the cream work for you. In one simple application you will have soft and smooth feet.

·         Clinically tested 24 hour hydration: Scholl’s expert care dry skin foot mask is designed to intensely hydrate dry skin in just one application

·         Non-greasy and easy to use: thanks to the double layer design of the sock, the cream stays in place on the inside; the sealing sticker on the opening helps secure the sock around your ankle

·         Rich ingredients like Aloe Vera, Urea and Panthenol restore your skin’s natural moisture levels in just 20 minutes

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