Scholl Odour Control Shoe Insoles

Scholl Odour Control Insoles, Active Odour Neutraliser. Instantly destroys all foot & shoe odour. Charcoal Technology.

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Scholl Odour Control Insoles are the most effective odour fighting insoles available, and are scientifically proven with 50% more odour control strength than other leading insoles. They instantly destroy all foot and shoe odour for immediate and long lasting protection

Active Odour Neutraliser – a concentrated layer of ultra effective activated charcoal to neutralise foot and shoe odour

Proven Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Fungal Agents destroy odour causing bacteria and fungi in the shoe

Absorbs perspiration for all day freshness

Made with durable foam for long-lasting comfort and protection

Continue to work even when footwear is not being worn

Scientifically tested

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