Scholl Cracked Heel ProFile 1 Pack

Instant Hard Skin Remover. Instant visible results.

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Removes rough dry skin

Unique extendable handle makes it easier to reach your feet


Is this product right for me?

Scholl Cracked Heel ProFile is suitable for mild, moderate and severe cases of Cracked Heels. If you have dry, hard skin and superficial cracks on your heels then Scholl Cracked Heel ProFile will work for you.

Do not file open, bleeding painful cracks.

Stop using if skin becomes sore or inflamed.

Do not over file the skin.

Wherever possible we try to make our products suitable for those with diabetes as well as those without. Unfortunately, this product is not suitable for diabetics or those with poor blood circulation.


How is Scholl Cracked Heel ProFile different?

This is no ordinary file. Design experts at Scholl ergonomically designed this unique shaped file to match the difficult to reach curved contours to the heel. The file has an antibacterial surface to reduce the risk of infection. Suitable for wet and dry filing. Professional results at home.


Why is this product different?

Contoured: Concaved filing surface for maximum contact to the heel area.

Ergonomic: Designed to fit to the contours of the heel and match the heel’s natural shape.

Carborundum Surface: Gentle on cracks, tough on removing skin.

Silver Technology: Antibacterial surface reduces risk of infection.

Handle Shape & Rubber Grip: Ergonomically designed for a firm and comfortable grip.

Extendable Handle: Extends to optimum length to reach the heel area taking the strain out of reaching for your feet.


Is there an easier way to reach my feet?

Everyone will reach their feet in different ways. Scholl have carried out extensive anthropometric and ergonomic studies to design the Scholl Cracked Heel ProFile to take the strain out of reaching and filing your feet. We recommend trying this position to help you with filing your feet.

Good visibility of working area

Encourages acceptable head angle

Safe trunk posture

Safe wrist alignment allowing improved control


What are the results?

Instant reduction in dry, cracked skin on the heels – 85% of people*

Instantly removes dry, cracked, fissured skin on the heels – 94% agree*

Instantly reveals smooth, supple heels – 95% agree*

*Source: Clinical Trial Self Perception Questionnaire and Investigator Assessment


Do I have Cracked Heels?

Cracked heels can be recognised by a build up of hard dry skin around the edge of the heel. The heels may appear discoloured with faint white splits (fissures).

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