Pediatric Walker Boots

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Ideal support and comfort for patients with mild to severe foot and ankle injuries.

The only pediatric walking boot to feature kid-friendly design elements that make wearing a boot less intimidating.

Beneath the fun exterior, a serious boot with big benefits.

Features & Benefits:
  • Ideal for comfort and sizing.
  • Kid friendly application and adjustment with a simple strapping and liner system.
  • Lightweight design includes anatomically shaped plastic uprights that help to facilitate a better fit.
  • Low-profile rocker sole features a durable, non-slip tread tough enough to withstand the test of time––and of a kid.
  • Lightweight.
Product Goals:
  • Helps to modify pressure over the injury site at both the malleoli and lower leg position.
  • Effective for the treatment of forefoot, midfoot, and hindfoot injuries; foot fractures; soft tissue, tendon or ligament injuries or procedures; acute or post-operative care (ie. bunionectomy, removal of a bunion, osteotomy, removal of bone near a damaged joint, etc.); and ankle sprains.
    Effective in fracture healing.
Size Chart & Fit Guide:
  • See images for full size table.
Conditions Of Use:
  • Worn for 6-8 weeks only while recuperating from injury or surgery.
  • Do not use around sand, dirt, water, mud etc..
  • Boot and liner must be kept clean at all times.
  • Not suitable for sports or activities such as hiking, long distance walking etc..
  • Must be applied/fitted correctly and firmly so as to avoid damage..
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