M-Brace Laced Ankle Stabiliser

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What makes a good ankle brace?
Is it comfort, lightweight materials, ease of application or powerful support and rigidity where its needed.

This one has it all!

What Makes This Product Special?
  • Posterior opening (back of brace) means the ankle slips easily into the brace without pain or discomfort.
  • Figure 8 lock with side strap pulls.
  • Inner liner is 100% soft cotton for the perfect soft touch feel.
  • Outer layer made of nylon mesh that forms tiny resistant loops that securely fasten Velcro every time.
  • Natural, hypo-allergenic and breathable materials.
  • Neoprene free.
  • Latex FREE.
Why Laced Straps?

These are one of the many unique features exclusive to M-Brace.
We lovingly call them ‘spaghetti’ but there’s a good reason for having them. These tension straps made from multiple corded strands work very differently from the common ‘single’ Velcro strap.
They allow blood to flow more freely under the strap so we don’t get the typical tourniquet effect that most braces deliver.
In addition the experience of locking down a brace using these straps feels very different to other supports.
The brace hugs the body with a more embracing connection and delivers improved fit and a better overall experience for the patient.
Hence the name M-Brace.

Features & Benefits:
  • Super SLIM, lightweight material like no other.
  • Wear all day.
  • Perfect fit and superior comfort.
  • Fits left or right ankle.
  • Inversion and eversion Control.
Size Chart & Fit Guide:
  • See images for full size table.
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