McDavid Deluxe Laced Ankle Guard

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For anyone returning from injury or requiring on-going support this is the choice of professionals.

Features & Benefits:
  • Removable Medical Inserts that provide additional support & protection.
  • Replace costly tape.
  • Sewn in SPRING STEEL MEDICAL STAYS & an Elastic Heel Inset that delivers ACHILLES’-TENDON support.
  • Features a notched front that allow free PLANTAR & DORSI flexion.
  • Medically proven to be SUPERIOR TO TAPE after 15-20 minutes of activated perspiration.
  • Lining WICKS perspiration, leaving you dry & comfortable.
  • Fully washable.
  • Fits easily into most athletic shoes.
Product Goals:
  • Provide maximized joint stability.
  • Help prevent inversion/eversion injury (ankle roll).
  • Provide comfort, decrease pain and improve joint function.
Size Chart & Fit Guide:

USA Shoe Sizing.

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