Dick Wicks Bio-Electro Magnet Therapy Machine (BET)

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The DIck Wicks Bio-Magnetic Therapy machine is an electronic device designed to deliver magnetic stimulus to areas of the body such as knees, wrist, elbows etc.

The device may help ease non specific pain and may also stimulate blood circulation.

Features & Benefits:
  • Easily transportable.
  • Suitable for 240 volt usage (Australia).
  • Consists of 2 pads that can be used simultaneously.
  • For possible relief of minor aches, pains around lower back, neck, knee, ankle, elbow etc.
  • Gentle application of magnetic therapy for anyone who find magnetic therapy beneficial.
  • may improve ion flow in the blood stream.
  • A study, considered as the gold standard of medical research on magnetic therapy for several conditions, including diabetic peripheral neuropathy, in which nerves gradually die, showed that of 375 diabetics who wore a magnetic device for one month (with control subjects who wore a sham device) showed “benefits equal to or better than that from drugs,”.
  • It was conceded that it’s possible magnets can have a physical effect, because a changing magnetic field can create electricity and heat.
  • SOURCES: Leonard Feingold, Ph.D, professor, physics, Drexel University, Philadelphia; Bruce L. Flamm, M.D., partner physician, obstetrics and gynecology, Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, Riverside, Calif.; Michael I. Weintraub, M.D., clinical professor, neurology and internal medicine, New York Medical College, Valhalla, N.Y.; Jan. 7, 2006, British Medical Journal.
Product Goals:
  • To provide magnetic therapy.
Usage Guide:
  • Simply wrap pads around affected area, set control setting as desired (Low, Med or High).
  • Gentle, natural, non invasive application.
  • You may feel a gentle warming sensation around from the electro magnetic field.
  • Do not use near computers, monitors, magnetic access cards. Do not place on or near sensitive electronic equipment.
    If skin irritation develops due to allergic reaction to the device, discontinue use immediately and or consult a health care provider.
    What about metal implants such as titanium? Fortunately titanium is paramagnetic, which means that in the presence of strong magnetic field, there will be a very weak attractive force.
    The forces involved require delicate equipment to detect and separation caused by layers of skin, adipose and muscle tissue further diminish any effects.
    So in summary, it is highly unlikely that there will be any noticeable interaction with titanium implants.
    Some metal implants have a greater ferrous (iron) component.
    In these cases, it is possible to have a noticeable effect.
    Check with your doctor if unsure and you can also test the magnet right next to the implant to see if you can detect any forces.
  • WARNING: Do not apply over open wounds or if you have a susceptibility to dermatitis.
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