Lynco Orthotic, Heel to Toe, Sports Cover, Neutral Heel and Arch

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Lynco Biomechanical Orthotics are designed to support your feet with weight distribution across all footwear.

Various design features assist to improve heel pain, arch pain and metatarsal pain.

Made-to measure orthotics are great except that most people stop using them soon after paying hundreds of dollars due to their rigid nature and commonly uncomfortable experience when worn.

Lynco are like made-to-measure Orthotics, that are also comfortable and highly effective.

Features & Benefits:
  • Recommended for most active sporting pursuits.
  • Makes any typical shoe into something special.
  • Excellent stability while walking/running.
  • Contoured shape assists in effective relief of foot pain, back pain and body fatigue.
  • Suits all types of WORK boots
  • Sports top cover.
    Maximum shock absorption and cushioning effect. Perfect for any sports activity.
  • Neutral heel helps cushion heel strike and cups the heel. Features zero pronation angle.
    No realignment of the rear of foot.
  • All Lynco Orthotics incorporate a rubber arch shell to support the arch and to help relieve arch pain.
  • Made in USA.
Product Goals:
  • To provide foot support , protection, comfort.
  • To help reduce painful shock waves to the body.
  • To lighten the load on joints.
  • Assorted sizes available for Men and Women.
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