Low Profile Medical Orthotic Footbeds

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There are literally hundreds of insoles to choose from and each one says it’s the best.

So let’s break it down to basics.
How do you choose?
If you suffer from sore feet, arch pain, aching knees or leg fatigue, you probably need an insole in your shoes, but what do you look for?
Well, you want it to be ‘light as a feather’, low profile so your feet still fit in all your shoes, provide firm support to the arch, stop your heel from flopping around in your shoe, you want it at an affordable price and it should be hard wearing.

Now you can visit a podiatrist who will make a made-to-measure orthotic, but from experience many people find them to be uncomfortable, hard to get used to and EXPENSIVE!
At My Feet we believe that if we identify the core reasons of what a consumer wants in an insole, that we would have a successful product.

So we searched the world for ideal materials, best design and value for money.

The result is this No Fuss ALL PURPOSE FOOTBED that delivers on all fronts.
First we want LOW PROFILE where it matters.

You wont feel like your feet are crammed in the shoe like ‘sardines’.

Now let’s consider how LIGHTWEIGHT they are (at under 40 gm each).

We don’t add unnecessary weight to your shoes. ‘He ain’t heavy .. he’s my insole’.

Next we designed just enough cushioning into the sole and a rigid heel and arch section that never lets you down.

Our contoured shaping assists to deliver effective relief from heel, knee and lower back pain.

Then we let AIR circulate around your feet so moisture is pulled away, keeping your feet dry and comfortable.

Finally we used long lasting materials with a life span range of between 12-18 months, dependent on use.

Even though they may require replacement more often than expensive orthotics, they still offer greater comfort, better compliance and honest value for money.

So go on, choose your size, stick them in your shoes and go for a walk and if you don’t love them, let us know why and if you do love them we’d also love to hear from you.

Features & Benefits:
  • Contoured footbed.
  • Fits in most shoes.
  • Light as a Feather.
  • Arch and Heel Stability.
  • Shock Absorption.
  • Pressure Relief.
Product Goals:
  • To provide foot support , protection, comfort.
  • To help reduce painful shock waves to the body.
  • For plantar fasciatus and foot pain discomfort.
Size Chart & Fit Guide:
  • Suitable for Men or Women – see size chart by shoe size measurement.
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