Etac Stapel Bathroom Stool

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Sturdy and safe, the Stapel Footstool from Etac is a versatile product that can be used to provide an extra step in the bathroom or other home setting.

Made with a strong tubular steel frame, this footstool is perfect as an extra step when getting into the bath, or as a footstool when seated on the toilet.

Measuring 180 mm (18 cm) from the floor, this low profile stool is made from a curved, tubular steel frame and a solid plastic top.

The top step simply clips on and off the frame, making it easy to detach for thorough cleaning or storage.

Each leg has a solid rubber tip for added grip on a slippery tiled bathroom floor although this neat footstool could be used anywhere in the home that an extra step up was required.

The standing surface of the top measures 430 mm wide and 380 mm deep.

The footstool holds a maximum user weight of 130 kilograms.


Stapel 17.9 cm, Telescopic leg, 4 pcs 5€“10 5 cm, Telescopic leg, 4 pcs 5€“18 cm

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