Etac Shower Stool

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This unique shower stool features an inbuilt swivel turn plate in the seat that makes it easy for you to turn around with minimal effort or strain.

The Easy Shower Stool has a round, contoured seat for maximum safety and comfort.

Perfect for use in and around the bathroom, this versatile stool has legs that are angled outwards to make it more stable, so a good option for in shower use.

The height of the seat is adjustable a practical locking mechanism in the telescopic legs make it easy to adjust height and lock the leg securely.

This also allows you to completely remove the legs great for thorough cleaning or for space saving storage.

The soft plastic seat is slightly contoured to make it a comfortable sitting surface.

The tip of each leg is covered with a unique, self adjusting rubber stopper – a specially designed soft foot that adapts to the contours of the surface underneath.

This ensures the stool has maximum contact with the floors surface for great great on any uneven surface or wet, tiled floor.

The maximum user weight of this handy stool is 150 kilograms.

The standard Easy model is also available with a soft, textured seat minus the swivel turn plate.


Stool Seat Pad, Grey, Stool with Swivel Pad, Grey

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