Etac Fresh Bath Board with Handle, 150kg

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Making it easier to get in and out of the bath safely with the award winning Fresh Bath Board from Etac.

The Fresh Bath Board has an especially wide front edge, placed on the outer edge of the bath, to offer a good sized sitting surface when entering or exiting the bath.

The board spans the top of the bath to provide a sturdy seat for over bath bathing, and is available in two lengths to suit the majority of baths.

The middle of the board tapers inwards to be slightly narrower, which helps for easy accessibility when carrying out intimate personal hygiene.

On the inner side of the board, there is a subtle moulded indent designed to hold soap or shampoo.

Drainage holes along the length of the board stop water from pooling on the top of the board, while the gently textured top surface helps guard against slipping.

A large bright orange handle on one side of the board is easy to see and provides an extra hand hold while bathing, or when getting in or out of the bath.

The edge stops are easy to mount and secure by using the included plastic coin.

Four friction linings make the bath board stay securely on the bathtub.

The Fresh Bath Board can be used by people weighing up to 150 kilograms.


69cm, 74cm

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