Dick Wicks Magnetic FAR Infrared Eye Mask

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Relax your eyes with this fantastic product thats designed to keep out light to help you sleep better while also helping to rejuvinate tired eyes.

The natural magnetic energy generated by this eye mask can help to improve a whole range of physical ailments and conditions.

Use it after time on the computer, after reading, for blocking out the sun, when sleepy or whenever your eyes need a little rest.

Features & Benefits:

  • Designed to be worn around the head and over the eyes.
  • Fabric used consists of Far Infrared light-emitting fibers.
  • Use when flying or for jet-lag.

Product Goals:

  • May stimulate blood circulation around the eyes.
  • May stimulate the production of melatonin to revitalise and rejuvinate tired aging eyes.
  • May help smooth or reduce wrinkles, puffiness, eye strain and tension.
  • May help relieve migraine pain, general headaches and sinus congestion.
  • We understand that science believes that the ‘pineal gland’ may be sensitive to magnetic gauss fields. This gland secretes melatonin and conditions cells to be receptive to this secretion. Therefore magnetic fields placed in close proximity to the ‘pineal gland’ may aid in cell repair and be conducive to relaxation and sleep. In ancient Egypt and even today in Tibet magnets are placed on the forehead to reduce ageing, improve sleep and assist with general wellness.

Size Chart & Fit Guide:

  • One size fit.
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