Brain Pad Lo Pro+Jaw Joint Protector Double Mouthguard

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Protective gear that fits in your mouth.

Brain Pads are DUAL-ARCH jaw joint protectors and can drastically reduce the likelihood of concussions & other internal head injuries.

Features & Benefits:

  • Much more than a mouth guard.
  • Gel form liner molds firmly to teeth supporting entire dental arch.
  • Air flow clench and breathe technology enhances breathing and activates neck muscles.
  • One may experience increased endurance.
  • Repositions, locks & cushions the jaw in a downward & forward position which significantly reflects the impact energy away from the base of the brain.
  • Latex free.

Product Goals:

  • Protects upper and lower teeth/braces.
  • Creates and maintains TMJ safety space.
  • Lower channel jaw stability.
  • Opens airways.

Size Chart & Fit Guide:

  • Adult size suits 12 YO and up.
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