AreaCare Pressure Surface

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A comprehensive range of static foam pressure relieving surfaces designed to maintain skin integrity and help prevent pressure injury, while delivering maximum comfort.

Constructed from premium materials, these products are tested to global standards to offer optimal fire retardancy and antibacterial protection.

Choose from a range of specialist foam layers and features for a solution for every care environment.

As specialists in the supply of pressure care and manual transfer equipment solutions designed to help prevent pressure wound and skin integrity issues, Novis support a range of clinical healthcare products designed for hospitals, aged care facilities, rehabilitation providers and the home care community.

With a long history delivering effective pressure care management solutions, we are committed to delivering successful patient outcomes through product innovation, professional collaboration and clinical excellence.

Our product portfolio has been engineered with the goal of enhancing the comfort and safety of patients; reducing the time and concerns of care staff; and improving clinical outcomes for care facilities.


King Single (1960 x 1050 x 150mm)

Single (1960 x 865 x 150mm)

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