AreaCare Plus Pressure Surface

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The AreaCare Plus is available in Standard and King Single size.

The three layered, zoned design of this very high risk pressure surface is ideal for patients with poor mobility or uncertain skin sensitivity.

Three-layer foam pressure surface offers maximum pressure reduction in a three-layer foam surface for higher-risk patients.

A top layer of high density, temperature-sensitive, memory foam conforms to the body’s shape, working in combination with the higher resistance support layer to disperse pressure evenly.

The top layer also incorporates a special immersion, slow recovery foam foot zone for the ulcer prone heel area.

The core layer and edges provide form, strength, and stability.

Standard model suitable for users up to 220 kilograms; King Single up to 250 kilograms.


Single (1960 x 865 x 150 mm)
King Single (1960 x 1050 x 180 mm)


Single, King Single

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