Wrap on Ice with Strap – Adult

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Wrap-On Ice is a versatile all in one Hot and Cold Therapy Wrap that can be fitted comfortably by means of a compression strap to areas of the body that require treatment.

Suitable for treating ankles, calves, quadriceps, hamstring, knees, shoulders, wrist, elbows and back.

Key Features:

* Non toxic
* Multi-purpose – Cold and Hot Therapy
* Hands-free – Compression strap holds the gel pack in place
* Flexible gel pack – Contours to the body
* Re-usable
* Manages pain naturally

Benefits – Hot Pack:

* Relieving pain

* Decreasing muscle spasm

* Reducing stiffness

* Increasing blood flow to area of injury

* Muscle tissue becoming more flexible

* Treating chronic injuries

Benefits – Cold Pack:

* Slowing blood flow

* Decreasing muscle spasm

* Relieving pain

* Preventing inflammation

* Stopping bleeding

* Aiding muscle recovery
* Pain
* Inflammation
* Muscle spasms

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