Safesip Silicone Drink Cover

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A reusable, silicone drink cover that fits over the top of virtually any glass, mug, cup, or can and stays on no matter what, eliminating the risk of spills.

Slide a straw through the opening in the top for spill-proof drinking at any angle.

The revolutionary design of SafeSip allows everyone to drink with dignity, helping to improve care and reduce dehydration by promoting independent drinking options.

The patented double vent system allows a straw to be inserted for easy drinking, without any risk of leaks from either rim or straw opening.

With two unique grips on either side to make it easy to apply and remove, the silicone cover slides over the top of the glass and seals contents in (and bugs or other foreign matter out).

Great for people with limited coordination or mobility, and great for use in bed or when laying down.

Made from 100% BPA-free food-grade durable platinum silicone with a super-elastic grip that stays on, no matter what! SafeSip is designed to fit virtually any glass, mug, cup or can, including both single and double handled cups. Dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe.

Available in a range of color options, in either single or double packs.

Use them in the car, on picnics, at sporting events or just around the home to reduce the risk of spills.


Clear, Blue, Green, Red

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