Romedic Return

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• A multi-functional, pivoting and transportation platform that eliminates heavy lifting procedures
• Provides a secure and active transfer method when the client has to stand up and be moved to a bed, wheelchair or toilet
• Can also be used to test and exercise weight bearing capability, and assist in helping clients sit further back into a chair
• Ideal tool in a rehab unit, hospital ward or home because the client can manage transfers etc. with the help of just one carer
• Makes it possible for the carer to place the wheelchair at a comfortable distance from the bed to provide more space to work safely
• Place the platform close to the sitting client and place the client’s feet on the base plate.
The client can then get close to the vertically-spaced gripping bars and rise to a standing position using natural movements.
The platform can then be steered towards desired location using the carer as a counterbalance
• Romedic Return Belt is an excellent complement to the Return when additional support and stability is needed
• The spacing of the gripping bars provides multiple grip and hand placement options for the client in sit-to-stand scenarios
• Lower leg supports are height and width adjustable to suit the individual needs of each client
• Base plate has an in-step of only 40mm so the client does not have to lift their feet very high to stand on to the platform
• Outlined foot prints and a clear symbol on the base plate make the positioning of the feet self-evident both to the carer and client
• Rolls and steers easily even with a heavy user
• Sturdy brake locking system for additional stability and security
• Disassembles into two parts for easy transportation

  • Frame Height: 1150mm
  • Frame Width: 570mm
  • Base Length: 690mm
  • Max User Weight: 150kg
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