Rebotec Safe-In-Kids – Kids Cuff & Hinge Forearm Crutches

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Rebotec Safe-In-Kids – Forearm Crutches for Kids

  • Forearm cuff with hinge for increased accommodation of active kids
  • Crutch handle reflector
  • Ergonomic handle
  • 10 height adjustment levels + 3 adjustments in height from handle to cuff

COMFORTABLE. Intended for kid’s use, the crutch is made to be comfortable for all day use especially during heightened activities.
Gentle on the skin and hassle free to use.

ADJUSTABLE. A wide range of adjustment is available to cater kids of different age.
There are 10 height adjustment levels + 3 adjustments in height from handle to cuff.

ERGONOMIC. The made-in-Germany crutch is anatomically designed to be of hassle free use for kids and to allow wide variety of movements even in heightened activities.
Built with an ergonomic handle for comfortable and functional use.

FUN DESIGN. Aside from being available in main colors of blue and yellow, the crutch itself is designed with fun colors, perfect for kid’s taste and gives off an exciting and creative design.

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