Scholl In-Balance Everyday Knee To Heel Orthotic Insole Medium Size 7 – 8.5

Scholl In-balance Everyday Knee to Heel Orthotic Insole helps alleviate pain in knees, heels and aching legs caused by stress when walking.

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The range of Scholl In-Balance® Pain Relief Insoles work in 3 ways:
1.            Immediately help to absorb stress-inducing shock through the lower body
2.            Contour to the feet to spread your weight more evenly and reduce pressure
3.            Help to stabilize the position of your foot to support your natural walking style

How does it Work?
Structured arch support helps to reduce the excessive inwards rolling of the foot which can cause painful stress on the heel.
Deep heel cup works with the arch support to help reduce stress experienced by the lower limbs which helps to relieve pain in knees.

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