Scholl Blister Shield Plaster Waterproof Instant Pain Relief Large & Small 5 Pack

Scholl Blister Shield Plasters Waterproof provide instant pain relief. They’re easy to apply and stay firmly in place with 50% more cushioning.

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How are Scholl Blister Shield Plasters different?

Blister Shield Plasters are an advanced blister protection plaster utilising a revolutionary dual layer Hydra-Guard Technology:

1. The robust outer shield protects and guards the formed blister from friction and rubbing.

2. The soft gel island provides cushioning and accelerates healing by keeping the blister hydrated and flexible.


What are the benefits?

– Instant pain relief from painful rubbing.

– Waterproof.

– Stays firmly in place.

– Helps prevent blisters.

– Invisible cushioning.

– Clear and discreet.

– Easy to apply.

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