Scholl Athlete’s Foot Complete Pen & Spray Kit

Scholl Athlete’s Foot Complete Pen & Spray Kit helps stop the itching from Athlete’s Foot and prevents reinfection from the shoe.

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Why is Scholl Athlete’s Foot Complete Kit special & different?

A unique 2-Step Solution: The Pen and the Shoe Spray together not only treat Athlete’s foot, but help restore & protect the skin to reduce the risk of infection reoccurring.

1. Treatment Pen: The precision applicator delivers just the right amount of cream to form a thin layer on the infected skin.

Easy to apply, no need to touch and dries quickly.

Specially formulated Olile-Active to create an environment on the skin that prevents fungus from multiplying or surviving.

2. Prevention Shoe Spray: Helps to prevent reinfection by cleansing shoes contaminated with the Athlete’s Foot fungus, a common cause of reoccurrence of Athlete’s Foot infection.

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