Pop It – Push and Pop Jumbo 5 in 1 Fidget

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Comes unboxed in clear bag.

An alternative version of the Push and Pop Its.

Take anywhere sensory tool.

Each silicone ‘bubble’ has a slightly different resistance, creating varied input.

You can clip it onto a keyring or lanyard too.

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Known as a push n pop, Push it, push and pop it, Pop it, pop it, bubble pop, push pop & likened to a simple dimple (simple dimple) fidget.. whatever you call it this non-toxic silicone sensory toy is a great sensory tool.

Press the bubbles down, it makes a slight popping sound.

Likened to bubble wrap, personally, I don’t think it’s similar but who am I to argue with the masses grin.

Check out our magnetic pad if you like bubble wrap.

Now that is amazing for a similar sensation.

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