Pop It Metal Keyrings – strong resistance: Set of 5 units MIXED colours

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Please note price is a Set of 5 – 1 of each color

This is a premium version of the Keyring Push and Pop Its.

Great for the bag, pocket or pencil case.

Take anywhere sensory tool.

The outer casing is metal and the popping sections are high-grade silicone with HIGH RESISTANCE.

These are NOT like others you’ve felt.

We’ve had these custom made for us so we could get a super high level of resistance and pop.

Known as a push n pop, Push it, push and pop it, Pop it,  pop it, bubble pop, push pop & likened to a simple dimple (simple dimple) fidget.. whatever you call it this non-toxic silicone sensory toy is a great sensory tool.

Press the bubbles down, it makes a slight popping sound.

Likened to bubble wrap, personally, I don’t think it’s similar but who am I to argue with the masses grin.

Check out our magnetic pad if you like bubble wrap.

Now that is amazing for a similar sensation.

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