Ornamin Thermo Plate

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An innovative, two layered thermodynamic plate with a special opening in outer wall that allows plate to be filled with hot or cold water to help keep contents warmer or cooler for longer.

Part of the Thermo series of tableware from Ornamim ideal for slow eaters to ensure that the meal or drink stays warm and flavoursome right to the last mouthful.

Through a special opening in the outer wall, the plate can be filled with hot water to help keep the food warm.

At the same time, it helps reduce the risk of burns while keeping the heat on the inside where it is needed.

Alternatively, fill the plate with chilled water to help keep food items cold.

The red and white contrasting color scheme is also designed to help stimulate the appetite and provide people living with a diagnosis of dementia or other cognitive impairment the ability to clearly see their meal or drink.

Made from a high-quality melamine inner with an external thermoplastic material outer and two grip inserts made of a soft, non-slip silicone plastic.

The handles provide a firm hold while also covering the fill holes to prevent the hot or cold water from spilling.

The plate measures 25 centimeters in diameter, with a capacity of 425 milliliters and a weight of 450 grams.

Suitable for the dishwasher but not the microwave.

Ornamin offers a lifetime warranty against defect when products are used in accordance with their care instructions.

Developed in consultation with clinical experts and customer needs, Ornamin have developed a comprehensive range of eating and drinking aids that are both functional and elegant.

Specifically designed for people living with a diagnosis of Alzheimer”„¢s (a form of dementia), this colourful range of tableware is ideal for anyone with cognitive impairment or decreased visual capacity.

Many items are also useful for people with impaired mobility or reduced motor skills such as Parkinson”„¢s Disease.

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