Omron NEU100 Mesh Nebuliser

Pocket sized and lightweight, the Omron NEU100 Ultrasonic Mesh Nebulisers are a truly portable nebuliser that can be used on any angle, even when lying down.

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•Mesh Technology-Improved ultrasonic mesh technology comes with a highly efficient titanium vibrator that helps to breakdown particle size for effective nebulization
•360° Operation- Designed to enable inhalation in any position
•Small particle size of 5μm MMAD* to enable greater medication delivery in a shorter time
•Efficient nebulization rate of >0.25ml/min
•Wider pouring point & 10ml medication capacity with minimal residual medication
•Quiet Operation- Approx. 20 dB- simple, one button operation for discreet use anywhere
•Portable / Handheld- Pocket-sized and lightweight makes it easy to be carried around (38 x 130 x 60)
•Lightweight- 120g (excl. batteries)
•2 x AA Batteries- Lasts for approx. 4 hours
•Easy to use & Clean- the design makes for easy usability and
dismantling for cleaning
•Includes adult and child mask, mask adaptor, soft pouch, 2 x AA batteries, mouthpiece
•Made in Japan

Please read the full Instructions for Use provided with the product prior to using.
•Setup the device as per instructions
•Add the correct amount of prescribed medication to the medication cup
•Turn the power on
•Hold the nebuliser as per instructions
•Inhale the medication as instructed by your healthcare professional
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