Nutricia Flocare® ENFit™ G-Tube CH20 – Ctn/20

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Flocare® ENFit™ G-Tube CH20 is a long-term gastric feeding tube with a silicone balloon catheter compatible with other ENFit™ products (94818).


The placement of a gastrostomy tube is indicated for long-term gastric feeding and/or stomach decompression.

As a replacement tube in a previously established stoma.

Important Notice:

Gastrostomy tubes should not be placed in the presence of an infected stoma site, ascites or peritoneal carcinoma.

  • Brand: Nutricia
  • Product: Nutricia Flocare® ENFit™ G-Tube CH20 (94818)
  • G-Tube Charrière size: CH20
  • Inflation port colour: Yellow
  • Balloon fill volume: 15mL
  • UOM: A carton of 20 G-Tubes
  • Image is sample of product
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