Nexcare Micropore Gentle Paper Tape TAN 12.5mm x 9.14M

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Nexcare™ Gentle Paper First Aid Tape is also known as 3M™ Micropore™ Surgical Tape.

Its non-irritating adhesive allows for easy removal, so it’s a great first aid tape for post-surgery applications and frequent gauze changes.

Nexcare Gentle Paper First Aid Tapes are hypoallergenic.

Non-irritating for frequent dressing changes
Breathable to maintain skin integrity
Ideal for fragile or sensitive skin, easy removal, post-surgery applications
Tears easily for desired length/width
Latex free
Gentle to the skin
Use to secure non-bulky dressings
Use to secure non-bulky dressings
Ideal for repeat use with elderly patients and sensitive skin
Non-irritating for frequent gauze changes

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