MoliCare Premium Elastic

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All-in-one incontinence slip with 2 elasticated side panels and 2 re-closable hook & loop tapes for moderate to severe urinary and faecal incontinence

Product Description:

An all-in-one slip style pad for moderate to very severe incontinence, suitable for all body shapes.

MoliCare Premium Elastic is self explanatory and quick and easy to apply with only 2 elasticated side panels and 2 re-closable tapes.

Faster application and less handling helps preserve the dignity of patients, while the ergonomic design helps reduce stress on the body of care givers.

MoliCare Premium Elastic offers maximum leakage protection, absorption performance and odour control for high level confidence and security.

Product Features:
  • For moderate incontinence
  • 2 elasticated side panels for comfort and security
  • 2 re-closable tapes making application quick and easy
  • Ergonomic design reduces body stress for care giver
  • Can be applied in standing or lying position
  • 3 layer absorbent core keeps skin dry
  • Maintains the skin pH and reduces the risk of incontinence related skin irritation
  • Leakage cuffs for maximum leakage protection
  • Odour neutralizers for high level confidence
  • Soft textile materials for ultimate wearing comfort and discretion
How to select the correct size?

Using a tape measure, measure at the tip of the hip bone to select the correct size.

4-step guide to slip fitting:

1- Fold and cup the slip to get it ready for application.

2- Stand beside the patient.
Slide the slip between the legs from the front to the back.
Ensure that the slip is centered in the right position by aligning the wetness indicator in line with the spine.

3- Fold out the 1st side panel and wrap around the patient’s hip.
Secure the adhesive tape into position.

4- Fold out the 2nd side panel and wrap around the patient’s hip.
Secure the adhesive tape into position.

Key benefits & principles:
For Caregiver:

Ergonomics in the workplace: Faster application reduces handling and physical stress.

For Patient:

Improved comfort, security and hygiene: Elastic flexibility allows more patients to wreathe product with comfort and security.

Removing the slip from the back ensures lower risk of faecal contamination.

Dignity: Quick and easy application and the ability to reposition tapes reduces changing times.

Absorbency Level

6 Drops (Moderate Incontinence), 7 Drops (Heavy Incontinence), 8 Drops (Heavy Incontinence), 9 Drops (Severe Incontinence), 10 Drops (Severe Incontinence)


Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

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