McDavid Sacro Cynch Elastic Back (A493)

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Lightweight ELASTIC lower back support with thermal panel at lower back.
Wear with confidence at WORK, SPORT or HOME.
Outer straps deliver firm compression & support.

Features & Benefits:
  • Cool, breathable, lightweight lycra.
  • Thermal neoprene panel across the lower back.
  • Orthopedic elastic construction.
  • 5 Medical support stays.
  • Dual layer closures.
  • Outer straps deliver firm, powerful support.
  • Comfortable in warmer climates.
  • Ideal for drivers or anyone using the brace for extended periods.
  • Can be  worn under clothing with confidence.
  • Fully washable.
Product Goals:
  • Firm Orthopedic support.
  • Compression to the lower back.
  • All day comfort.
Size Chart & Fit Guide:
  • See images for full size table.
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