Karicare Goat Milk 2 Baby Follow-On Formula From 6-12 Months 900g

Karicare Goat Milk Follow-On Formula is a breast milk substitute which contains the goodness of goats’ milk and the key ingredients to support your baby.

  • Made with goats’ milk
  • Gentle nutrition caring for little tummies
  • Key ingredients to support your baby
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Karicare Goat Stage 2 Follow-On Formula is made with the goodness of goats’ milk. Suitable for formula fed infants from 6 to 12 months, Karicare Goat Follow-On Formula is blended with key ingredients to support your little one. We have continued to research and develop our products to deliver quality nutrition. Karicare Goat is gentle nutrition you can trust.

At Karicare, we’re committed to supporting sustainability. That’s why all of our formula tins, including the lid and scoop, are recyclable. Simply pop them into your home recycling bin once they’re empty.

  • Made with the goodness of goats’ milk
  • Suitable for mixed feeding
  • Gentle nutrition
  • Recyclable tin, lid and scoop
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