Jadco Calendar Clock, Small

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A smaller version of the Jadco Digital Calendar Clock, this digital clock is an invaluable tool for people living with a diagnosis of dementia or other cognitive impairment that is easy to read from up to 15 meters away.

This calendar clock clearly displays the time and date, using a 12 hour format with AM/PM indicator for easy recognition.

The flip card display is designed to remain clear and easy to read from all angles and under fluorescent lighting (a common problem with clocks using LCD or Liquid Crystal Displays).

Supplied with a removable stand for easy desk or wall mounting.

Using reliable German movement for accurate time keeping, once set the the calendar automatically updates and even self adjusts for leap years.

The clock measures 215 mm high; 300 mm wide; and 75 mm deep.

The character height is 35 mm.

Takes 1 x C battery.

Batteries are included at time of purchase.

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