Immedia PediTurn Hard Swivel Cushion

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A handy turning device that goes on the floor under your feet, this swivel turn plate is ideal for people who find it difficult to move their feet when transferring from one position to another such as from bed to wheelchair, or wheelchair to chair.

Designed for assisted care use, this circular product lays flat on the floor and helps reduce strain on the knee and foot joints.

You simply place your feet on the PediTurn cushion, and with the aid of a carer, stand and allow the PediTurn to slowly rotate the body.

This product stops the lower half of the body from remaining static while the top half is being rotated by a carer.

Made of a smooth nylon material topside with a non-slip underside to prevent the product from slipping, the PediTurn measures 40cm (400mm) in diameter.

The maximum user weight is 150 kilograms.


Soft Swivel Cushion, 400mm Diameter, Hard Swivel Cushion, 380mm Diameter

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