Immedia E-Board Oval

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A thin, flexible board for horizontal transfer, repositioning and application of a sling.

Immedia E-Board Oval are thin sliding boards used for bed to bed transfers, application of slings and repositioning.

The flexible boards have a smooth, low-friction surface that reduces the friction and makes it very easy to perform different transfers with very little effort for the carer.

The thin and flexible design of the boards makes it very easy to apply and remove.

E-Board Oval is available in two different sizes – S and L
E-Board Oval S can be used for:

  • Repositioning a user further back in a wheelchair
  • Application of a sling
  • Other small repositioning purposes

E-Board Oval L can be used for:

  • Horizontal transfer from a bed to another lying surface
  • Application of a sling in a wheelchair or in a bed
  • Other repositioning purposes

The handles make the boards easy to transport and hang on a wall. Both E-Board Oval S and L are always delivered in a set of 2.


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