Ibici Plus Compression Socks

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High Compression Support Socks For Women

Referred for the prevention and treatment of more serious conditions relating to varicose veins, venous stasis, swollen ankles and associated  vascular conditions.

  • Sheer Knee High Firm support socks.
  • Compression mmHg.23/27 – hPa 30/36.
  • Micromesh stitch with high comfort band.
  • Anatomic heel.
  • Premium quality & medically tested.
  • Firm Compression referred to as CLASS2.
  • Closed Toe Design.
  • Stylish European designs made in Italy.
  • Helps relieve tired, aching legs and varicose veins by improving blood circulation.
  • Ideal for any occasion and most activities.
  • Available in various sizes and colors.
  • To correctly choose the right size you will need your shoe size, ankle & calf circumference.
  • If either calf or ankle measurements indicate a larger size than your shoe size indicates, always choose the larger calf or ankle sizing.
  • If your ankle/calf measurements indicate a smaller size than your shoe size indicates, then we would advise against using this product
  • If there is a tendency for your calf or ankle to swell during the day, all measurements should be taken first thing in the morning.
Graduated compression:

Graduated compression must be firm yet comfortable at the ankle.

The compression should gradually decrease as it rises up the leg.

The elasticity of the garment provides continuous massage that greatly helps to improve circulation.

This feature helps to prevent blood clots and assists to prevent numerous conditions caused by bad circulation.

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