Falls Prevention Alarms

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• Range of innovative solutions alert nursing staff or carers when a patient leaves the bed or chair, or when they sit up in bed, reducing the likelihood of injury and falls and making it easy to respond quickly
• Floor alarm alerts nursing staff or carers when a patient is on the move, placed at the bedside, by a doorway or any thoroughfare
• Ideal for aged care and home care environments
• Useful for residents who are at risk of falling or who require assistance, or to monitor those suffering from illnesses such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s
• Allows the patient to be comfortable in their own environment without the need of restraints
• Available as a stand-alone system or can connect to most Nurse Call systems
• Pad senses when the pressure is alleviated, indicating that the resident has left the bed or chair, or is attempting to leave
• Alarms will not take away from the care plan in place, but rather serve to enhance it

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