Etac Star Stabil-Air Cell Cushion, 10 cm (Suits Seat Width 35-40)

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The perfect blend of multi air cell cushion with soft foam cylinders within each air cell.

Stabil-Air – the new generation air cell cushion
Each Stabil-Air cushion has two sizes of foam cylinders.

The cylinders on the outside are higher, while those under the buttocks, coccyx and legs are lower, creating an anatomically shaped secondary layer of skin protection.

This increases the stability and eases transfer to and from the cushion.

The Stabil-Air cushion has one chamber which is easy to use and provides stability.


39 x 30 x 10cm, 39 x 34 x 10cm, 39 x 39 x 10cm, 39 x 44 x 10cm, 39 x 49 x 10cm, 39 x 53 x 10cm

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