Etac Relax Shower Seat Screw Kit, T6S 8×80 DIN 571 A2, Qty 3

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For mounting on wood/plywood or concrete walls.

The kit includes screws and plugs

Attention to detail
The Etac Relax shower seat has been developed with care and consideration, to make your shower experience more enjoyable.

Scandinavian minimalistic design gives you maximum comfort and a more stylish bathroom.

Easily adaptable to your needs
You can choose Etac Relax with or without arm supports, supporting legs or a heat reflecting back support.

The seat has a velvety surface and a mild contour to increase stability and comfort.

The unique front design allows alternative seat positions.

The arm supports provide a firm grip thanks to its non-slip coating and ergonomic design.

With the supporting legs further stability is added.

Chose white or volcano grey color.

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