Etac Hi-Loo Toilet Seat Raiser Fixed with Arm Supports

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The Hi-Loo Toilet Seat Raiser with Fixed Mounting and Armrests is the practical two in one solution, designed to fit most toilets to add height to the seat, making it easier when going to the toilet.

A stable, secure and discreet toilet seat raiser which is fixed mounted to your toilet in place of the standard seat, requiring tools to mount and remove.

This product offers added height to a standard toilet seat, requiring less effort to lower and raise yourself when going to the toilet.

Detachable arm supports either side of the seat offer that extra support and safety.

Hold the sturdy armrests when transferring on or off the toilet, or an added comfort while seated.

Each arm can swing up to move it out of the way great when transferring onto the toilet seat sideways from a wheelchair.

Alternatively, the armrest can be permanently fixed in a folded down position for maximum security.

If space in your bathroom is limited, one arm can be removed completely so great product versatility to meet the needs of almost any bathroom configuration.

The ergonomic smooth seat is gently contoured to match the contours of the body, for superior comfort.

The seat includes a generous recess at both the front and the back to make it easier to reach the bottom region when wiping clean.

The Hi-Loo fixed toilet seat is fixed to your bowl using the existing toilet hinge points ensuring it remains securely in place at all times.

It has two large friction elements underneath the seat that provide firm contact with the toilet.

This ensures the seat does not slide when you sit down.

If extra stability is required for sideways transfers (from a wheelchair for example), the friction elements can be exchanged for brackets which clamp directly to the side of the bowl.

The seat and lid can be folded up or removed entirely, which makes cleaning extremely easy.

Simple ‘snap lock’ hinges make it easy to snap the seat on and off when needed.

Simply clean the seat as you would your normal toilet seat, using a damp cloth and standard household disinfectants.

This product is available in two heights high (100 mm) or low (60 mm) and includes flip-up toilet seat lid for enhanced appearance and improved hygiene control.

The maximum user weight is 150 kilograms.

Etac offers a range of Hi-Loo Toilet Seat Raisers, all of which are designed for ease of use, stability and maximum comfort.

The Hi-Loo Toilet Fixed is also available, for those who prefer not to have armrests.


6 CM, 10 CM, 6 CM – Angled

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