Essential Waterproof Fitted Sheet With Soft Absorbent Top Layer

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Waterproof Absorbent Fitted Sheet To Protect Your Mattress From Leaks

These Essential By ConfidenceClub fitted sheets have been custom developed by us to protect your mattress from leaks as well as absorb moisture away from your body to keep you dry. The top section matches the dimensions of your mattress covering it edge-to-edge with a soft absorbent material with a waterproof backing, while the attached cotton skirt fastens to the mattress to hold it securely in place.

Three Layer System:

The top layer is a soft quilted material made from a polyester cotton woven fabric. The second layer is a highly absorbent layer with 200gsm polyester filling. The third layer is a woven polyester fabric coated with a waterproof TPU film to prevent moisture from leaking through to the mattress. The TPU is a rubber-like plastic coating that provides a quiet, crinkle-free experience.

Bed Sizing:

Our range is available to fit Australian mattress sizes of Our range is available in Australian mattress sizes of:

  • Single: 91x193cm with 38cm skirt
  • King Single: 107x203cm with 38cm skirt
  • Double: 137x193cm with 38cm skirt
  • Queen: 153x203cm with 38cm skirt
  • King: 183x203cm with 38cm skirt

Features and Benefits:

machine washable Machine washable up to 300 times, can be tumble dried at low heat (below 30℃)
highly absorbent Highly absorbent upper to keep you dry – absorbs between 1.6L (single) and 2.6L (king) of liquid
crinkle free Crinkle-free soft durable material
OEKO-TEX Certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified to be free of more than 100 substances known to be harmful to human health

Latex free


  • Packed in a reusable PVC bag.


  • Mattress protectors are not recommended for use with electric blankets, they are not flame retardant

Double, King, King Single, Queen, Single

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