Ensure® Plus HN Fibre Free Tube Feed Vanilla 250mL – Ctn/24

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Ensure® Plus HN is a nutritionally complete 1.5kcal/mL tube feed.
Its formula is free from fibre and offers increased amounts of energy and protein.
Ensure® Plus HN tube feed helps malnourished patients to gain and maintain a healthy weight.
This product is suitable as a sole source of nutrition, under medical supervision.

Comes in a ready to drink packaging and can be used within 24hours of opening, by keeping it stored in a refrigerator.

Ensure® Plus HN 250ml comes packaged in a protective atmosphere requires unopened can to be stored in room temperature and away from prolonged exposure to sunlight.


Brand: Abbott

Product: Ensure® Plus HN (2113275)

Comes in vanilla flavor

Ensure® Plus HN has a net volume of 250mL and comes in a can packaging

Comes in a carton of 24 cans (24 x 250mL)

Image is sample of product

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