Philips Avent Natural Breast Pump Manual

Philips Avent Natural Breast Pump Manual allows more comfort for mum during feeding and more milk for baby.

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More comfort for mum, more milk for baby (82% of 64 UK breastfeeding mothers agreed that this breast pump was more comfortable than their current pump (main market brands – independent home placement tests UK, June 2011)).

Comfortable sitting position.

Soft petal cushion.

Comfort proven!

No. 1 brand recommended by mums worldwide (based on December 2015 GemSeek online satisfaction survey conducted among more than  9,000 female users of childcare brands and products.).

0% BPA (following EU regulation 10/2011).

UK brand (bottle and manual breast pump are made in the UK) trusted since 1984.

Natural extra soft teat included for easier latch on.

Helping you breastfeed for longer.

Breastfeeding is the first step to giving your baby the best start in life.

Breastfeeding helps you to bond with your baby and breast milk contains everything they need to grow and stay healthy.

Being comfortable when expressing helps you to relax and lets your milk flow more easily.

Research confirms that the more relaxed you are, the more milk you can express for your baby, naturally.

With 30 years of experience in working with mothers and leading baby feeding experts, we have developed our most comfortable breast pump yet.

Once breastfeeding is established, expression can help you to give breast milk to your baby even when you cannot be there.

Mums prefer our breast pump for comfort

Comfortable sitting position.

No leaning forward – you can now sit in a natural relaxed position when expressing.

Comfort petals gently stimulate milk flow – our unique petal cushion mimics baby’s sucking to gently stimulate let-down.

Its soft texture makes it extra comfortable on the breast.

Compact design – easy to hold and position.

Easy to clean and assemble – few separate parts.

Lightweight and portable – ideal for on-the-go.

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