Egg Lumbar Roll

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Simple yet effective, this roll cushion compensates for our natural tendency to slouch when we sit.

The cushion moulds to the small hollow in the lower back, to help relieve lower back pressure and provide support.

It can also be used as a traditional pillow for your neck, relieving pressure on the spine and the base of the skull.

Made from a firm foam cushion with a soft, removeable Dura-Fab fabric cover that is easy to clean.

Great for the home, car or office.

Portable and lightweight, this lumbar roll is easy to use practically anywhere.

The roll includes an adjustable strap that wraps around any chair or seat for secure attachment.

This cushion measures 150 mm high, 340 mm wide and 130 mm deep.

Lumbar rolls are available in different sizes and firmness.

Ensure you have been recommended or tried a lumbar roll that fits you correctly and for the right setting.

A lumbar roll that is too large may feel like it is sticking you in the back, or extending too high or low on your back.

If it is not comfortable, it is not right and not helping.

To use the lumbar roll correctly, lean your upper back against the chair rather than pushing your lower back against the roll.

Avoid forcing your spine into overly straight or arched postures.

Keep your head upright without tilting it forward or back, and ensure you are not poking your chin out.

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