Double Sided Sensory Massage Glove – massage roller side & Spikey side

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This double sided sensory massage glove has many therapeutic applications.
Can be used to massage hands, feet and body.

It is black in color making it a discreet for all ages.

Hand slips easily into open space and will fit almost all hand sizes.

Wide ranging effects & benefits can be achieved by applying varying pressure, direction & speed. 

Also can be used as a sensory tool & fidget.

The rolling stainless steel balls are great for:

• Massage & deep sensory input to soothe sore muscles, reduce tension & help calm.
• Targeting key pressure points.
• Improving circulation.
• Cold therapy. Creates increased sensory input when the glove is put in freezer or fridge for a few hours prior to use.
• Great to use for temperature & texture sensory discrimination re-training with some neurological conditions.

Reverse side has flexible ‘spikes’ which are great for:

• Dry brushing & massage.
• Sensory desensitization.
• Harm minimization : Strong sensory input & ‘hurt without harm’.
• Exfoliation & circulation.
It fits most hand sizes and is made from flexible pvc material & stainless steel rolling balls.

It can be easily washed or sanitized between uses.

Not suitable warnings for children under 3 years of age.

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