Bodyassist Posture Correction Strap Beige

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Bad posture may be caused by habits you’re not even aware of.

Perhaps you sit for too long, have little to no physical activity, wear ill fitting shoes, carry a heavy bag over the same shoulder, look down at your cellphone all day and so on.

Human beings don’t consciously maintain perfect posture.

Muscles need to be trained to make ‘good posture’ your regular setting. Avoiding this may lead to serious ailments such as headaches, lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, anxiety, and even depression.

The good news today is that poor posture is easily improved by setting a goal, finding motivation and committing to a daily routine of wearing the this posture correction Strap.

With regular application, long term muscle memory becomes ingrained, so even after you remove it – you’ll still be standing up straight.

No more hunching, slouching or rolling your shoulders forward. Stand taller, look slimmer and feel more attractive.

Not much wrong with that, right? The adjustable design is discreet enough to wear under clothes.

Wear it at the office, at home or when going out.

After a while you’ll forget it’s even on.

Good posture is healthy and sexy!

Features & Benefits:

  • Figure-8 design with wider straps between the shoulder blades that better distributes pressure.
  • Easily concealed under clothing. Discreet.
  • Noticeable results immediately.
  • Stays comfortable all day long.
  • Easy to apply and simple adjustment.
  • Padded for comfort.
  • Bonus storage ‘take-anywhere’ tote carry bag.
  • Fit most body shapes and easily shared between people.
  • Washable and hygienic.

Product Goals:

  • Promote Good Posture.
  • Alignment and stability.
  • Eliminate upper back, shoulder and neck strains and muscle spasms caused by bad posture.
  • Those with Scoliosis or kyphosis may find a reduction in neck and shoulder pain.
  • Helps Relieve Back Pain and Neck Pain.

Fitting Instructions:

  • One size fit.
  • Like wearing a backpack without the pack.
  • The one adjustable size fits from 60 – 120cm chest circumference.
  • Fits men and women.
  • Strengthening your back muscles with specific exercises can aid the posture correction process.
  • WE RECOMMEND wearing your posture strap from 30 minutes each day, to gradually increasing the time worn for up to 2-3 hours per day. The Posture strap will guide your body’s to gradually correct and adjust your any bad postural habits and over time your body will learn to naturally rest in a healthier natural posture position.
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