BetterLiving Wireless Portable Doorbell

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This wireless doorbell is a portable solution perfect for those with hearing impairment with bright strobe lighting and a range of alternative chime melodies available.

The push button bell is easy to mount to any surface.

The portable receiver can be taken from room to room, or carried on you at all times.

Use the included carry strap to keep it around your neck, or to hang conveniently when not in use.

When someone presses the doorbell, the receiver plays a chime melody and the in-built strobe light flashes brightly several times helping to alert that someone is at the door.

With two volume levels available, the chime melody can be set to one of seven different sounds.

Offering a 45 meter operating range, the portable door chime receiver can even be used outside.

The receiver comes with 16 changeable codes that help prevent interference from any other remote controlled signals in your neighborhood.

This product uses 4 C sized batteries which are included at time of purchase

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