BetterLiving Ring Cushion, 18

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Ideal for post natal or post operative discomfort, haemorrhoids, hip bursitis, coccyx or prostate inflammation or other painful conditions, this ring cushion is designed to help relieve pain in the tailbone and coccyx area by offering a soft support to the buttocks, with no direct pressure to the bony coccyx.

The unique is shaped like a doughnut shape design of the ring cushion means that vulnerable tailbone and coccyx region is effectively suspended in the central cavity.

This helps reduce the risk of a pressure injury to this vulnerable area when you are sitting still for long periods of time.

This cushion is made from a single piece of puncture-proof convoluted foam rubber, meaning that is has no joins or seams for discomfort.

Includes a lightweight stretch cover for added comfort, hygiene and ease of cleaning.

The cover is easy to remove and can be machine washed.

The height of the cushion is 80 mm.

It is available in two sizes to suit different sized users.

The maximum user weight is 110 kilograms.

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