BetterLiving Durable Lumbar Cushion

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A great lumbar support for anyone who has to sit for long periods, this foam cushion is engineered to provide comfort and support to the lower back and spine.

The contoured shape of the cushion helps you maintain correct posture while seated, by giving lateral or side support to prevent the back from curving or slumping sideways.

The shape of this cushion gently guides the spine into a relaxed, supported and healthy position, making it great for use at home, in the car or when travelling.

The cushion is very lightweight and easy to mount to most chairs using the adjustable positioning strap.

Simply place the strap around the chair and tighten to secure the cushion against the base of the chair for stable positioning.

This cushion comes with a removeable cloth cover, making it easy to clean.

The cushion measures 360 mm high, 330 mm wide and 130 mm deep.

The maximum user weight is 120 kilograms.

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