Elastoplast Wound Care Essentials Extra Value Bonus Bag

Elastoplast Wound Care Essentials Extra Value Bonus Bag is perfect for on the go. It cleanses, protects and heal. Wound care essentials – 3 steps for optimal wound healing.

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Elastoplast Wound Spray
Cleanse wound by flushing out dirt & bacteria.
– Fast and painless (“Wound Spray is pain-free to use”, N-59, freeser, physician, principle investigator, hamburg, 2019) application.
– Colourless & odourless solution.
– Easy to use spray, works upside down.
-Suitable for fragile and sensitive skin.

Elastoplast Sensitive 20 Plasters
Protect wound with a plaster & replace daily
– Secure adhesion, yet painless removal.
– Breathable & flexible.
– Suitable for fragile & sensitive skin e.g. diabetes.

Elastoplast Wound Healing Ointment
Heal with Ointment between plaster changes.
– Promotes up to 2x faster healing (2x faster healing is compared to untreated wounds and only applicable to the ointment. Wound Spray PMCF – Study, 95% agreement).
– Helps reduce scarring.
– Colourless & odourless solution.
– Suitable for fragile & sensitive skin. e.g. diabetes.

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